5 Surprising Facts about Running

It’s no secret why we’re such big fans of running. Running helps build muscles, boosts us towards a healthy heart, busts stress and anxiety levels and burns those extra calories. Other than this, it’s so convenient, all you need to do is put on a pair of your sneakers and you’re off.

While these were the most common facts about running there still so much you don’t know. Here are some of the most surprising facts about racing and running:

1.    Runners Are Now Getting More Adventurous and Dirty

It was found in recent researches that people are opting for mud runs and obstacle races more than half and full marathons. These races are what are known as non-traditional races, and comprised of above four million finishers last year! The 5k, however, stands at most popular though, with above six million finishers

2.    Why Women Wear Sport Bras

The University of Portsmouth had found that breasts form a figure-eight pattern while running which tends to damage some ligaments. Because of this, female runners could experience premature sagging of breasts. Enter the sports bra – which is also comfortable enough so you don’t hate them!

3.    You’re the Fastest in Your 20’s

The fastest age for men was recorded as 27 while women were seen at their fastest at 29. For every year a person aged they got 4% slower according to studies conducted by Spanish researchers. The results of this research also conclude that an 18-year old runner probably runs as fast as a 60-year-old!

4.    Women Reign over the Track

According to studies conducted by Running USA, women comprise of 56% of the race finishers of last year. The biggest split was noticed in half-marathon races, where there was a ratio of 61:39, with women dominating the tracks. The surprising fact, however, is that men have women beat in terms of the number of sign-ups! They just don’t qualify enough.

5.    Running Can Become a Job Requirement

The Basic Physical Fitness Test conducted by the Army has three constituents: sit-ups, push-ups, and a 2-mile run. If you want to pass the bi-annual Army fitness test, you should run faster than the average soldier. If you do so, you can pass on to Advanced Infantry Training! For the age group of 22-26, males should be at 17:30 on the clock with a pace of 8:45. Women should be able to beat 20:36 with a pace of 10:18.

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