If you are determined and willing to work hard, you are already halfway to the top!

Winning a race is not as difficult as you may have imagined but it requires a great deal of patience, practice and hard work.

To prepare yourself for a race, first of all, you have to train your body and mind. Secondly, you must come up with a race-winning strategy to get you through to the end.

So, are you ready to win a race? Scroll down to read some amazing tips on how to do it!

Start Off With Right Shoes

Your training starts the day you drag your running shoes from the back of your shoe compartment. Keep in mind that your shoes play a very important role. Invest in a good pair of shoes to avoid getting blisters. Moreover, go for light-weight shoes as they will make you feel light on your feet.

Ease Yourself into Training

Slowly ease yourself into the training routine. Start out by working out only two to three days a week. Remember, your body needs time to recover after a vigorous session of exercise, so take it slow to avoid overexertion. Gradually, increase your running time once your lungs and muscles are accustomed to the exercise.

Stick to Your Training Routine

Follow a training routine that works best for you, but make sure it consists of long and short runs, interval training and cross-training to cover all the aspects of running. Starting a training routine is easy; the hard part is sticking to it! A lot of days will come where you may feel like giving up or simply feel too lazy to run. DO NOT give into the “lazy” impulse! Stick your routine because perseverance is the key.

Build Up Your Pace

Try to reach the pace at which you wish to run in the race. Find out the fastest pace that you can maintain throughout the race. The key to winning a race lies in maintaining the pace without slowing down at any point, so try to work hard on it.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Finally, every sound body needs a sound mind. Prepare yourself mentally for the race and be firm about not giving up! You need to believe in your abilities and the hard work you put into your training.

Once your training is complete, you are halfway there! Read the next part to find out what else you can do to ensure your victory.

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