Welcome to the second part of learning how to win a race!

Training is the first part of preparing yourself for winning a race but you also need to have a race-winning strategy. It is important to come up with a strategy beforehand so that you know the ideal course of action that you must take on the racing track.

Based on your strengths and weakness, form a plan before the race. Do you want to stick with the fastest runners or slowly make your way to the front by maintaining your pace? You should be clear about all these details before the race.

Scroll down to read about how you can make a race plan that will get you the gold medal!

Maintain Your Pace

Your first priority should be to maintain your pace throughout the race. Keeping a steady pace will allow you to use the oxygen more efficiently. It is especially important if you are participating in a long race because you need to keep your body working at the same levels for a long time.

A common mistake made by a number of new runners is that they start off very fast. Obviously, the body tires, forcing them to drastically slow down or, in some cases, even stop! You don’t want to be one of them so make sure you start off at your normal pace.

Refrain from speeding up at the start, even if you feel like you can go faster! Don’t panic if you see your competitors crossing you in the beginning. Remember that you aim to hold back in the early stage so that you can ace the last one!

Stay Relaxed and Focused

Gradually you will start feeling the strain on your body; especially for anything greater than 5k, the second part is going to be a challenge. What you have to do is stay calm. Keep your mind relaxed and stay focused on your goal to win the race.

What about the Wind?

Environmental factors like wind and heat can make a huge impact on your performance. If the weather is particularly windy, you may want to stay in the middle of a group in the early stages. In this way, the people around you will act as a barrier against the wind and you can conserve energy. In the final stages, leave behind the group and run for the finish line.

As for the heat, start off a little slower than your normal pace. This will give you an advantage over other participants and you will be able to pass them once they slow down due to heat and exhaustion.

Now, you know how to win a race but even if you are unable to achieve your goals at first, you must remember that you’ve still come a long way. The key to success is perseverance so keep training hard and improve your technique until the gold medal rests around your neck!

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