The few days before your first race can be quite stressful, even if you’re a seasoned racer. You’ve invested so much of your efforts for this first race; you cannot afford any stress or distractions!

Otherwise, all your efforts may go to waste.

For everyone who can relate to the overwhelming feeling that one feels before the First Big Race, this article will be sharing a few reminders that will help you keep your cool.

Days before Your Race

Stop Stressing

It is natural to fear that your first may be your last. Instead, try thinking of the day as one that’s going to be a beautiful one.

As tempted you may be to think about the finishing time, try not to obsessively think about it.  It’s your first race, be excited about the prospects!

Cover the Route

Work the route where you are supposed to compete if you can. This will help you be familiar with the environment. You also won’t get lost looking for the race start on the big day.

Eat What Works For You

You best bet in this category is what has previously worked for you. Something that may have worked like a booster when you had an upset stomach perhaps, or something you ate when you trained.

Just avoid eating heavy right before the race. Fruit and yoghurt smoothies are always a good choice because of their balance of proteins and carbs.

Race Day

Arrive Early

Be at the race to pick your number at least 45 minutes before the assigned time. The rest of the time you have can be used to warm up for the race.

Limit Your Drinks

It’s important to stay hydrated, but don’t drink anything heavy 30 minutes before your event. You can only sip water if it’s a dry day to keep your mouth from going dry. Some athletes even rinse only to spit out the water before their events.

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