Trail Running Pros Share Their Best Tips

If you want to run faster or further or just to experience more fun than you’ve ever had on the trails, you should definitely switch on your mind recorder. From attitude to fuel, here’s what the pros have to say about how to crush race season!

Cut The Crap!

Even though Clare Gallagher is the Leadville 100 Champion, he had learned that you should always move to a notch further than you have ever before. Clare Gallagher says that she wants to run fewer and fewer crap miles! She has a mantra of making every single run of hers last longer with more hours on the clock.

She also added that this is not always sustainable, so you should know when you’re reaching your breaking point. When she bagged third place the year before her win at Leadville, she was racing on a broken foot due to metatarsal stress fractures!

Consume Real Food!

Anna Frost, who is deemed a world-class adventure, mountain and trail runner, would naturally know how to use food for her nasty lows and highs of energy. She advises that for those long and adventurous races, you need to start fueling and hydrating quite early. You can do this by consuming whole foods like beef jerky, energy bars and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The caffeine and sugars should be left for after the race.

Aim for Long-Term Goals

Tim Tollefson is a well-known racer of 100 miles and half marathons. For these races, he trains at the high altitudes of the Californian Mammoth Lakes- which amounts to about 8000 ft. This is also the vicinity which experienced the toughest winters in history last year in terms of inches of snow.

Even though this weather makes getting out of bed really tough, he believes training in this rough weather sets huge benchmarks for the simpler weathers. While training you for the long-term, it also keeps you honest about your goal.

Learn As You Go

Another ace of endurance and adventure is Jenn Shelton. She has a simple tip for all our readers. Don’t over think your challenges! Just go because this is the best way to learn from them. All the racers out there have their own method of training. They got there by facing challenges and learning from their mistakes.

From her advice, we can learn that we should attend these events with an open mind, and the willingness to learn in the future. This is the only way to enjoy the dirt beneath your feet!

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